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Writers Blogily is very much in line with the Personal Blogily theme we saw earlier. And, in a lot of ways, follows the same style guidelines. It’s clean and uses a boxed grid layout in combination with a full-width hero section to highlight what your blog is about.

Inside blog posts, you have the option to use a full-width featured image. The footer elements are neatly put together to include tags, an author box, related posts, and a comment section.

It’s going to be hard to overlook the amount of customization and personal touch that has gone into the Personalias theme. So, let’s unpack one by one. First, you’ll notice the design is based on 3 different sections. One is for the featured article, the second for all your blog posts, and then finally you have a sidebar on the far right-hand side. This same concept follows inside blog articles themselves, too.

The only difference is that inside the blog post – the featured article is replaced with the author’s information. And, also has social media links your readers can use to share your posts with their friends. I’d say it’s a fairly compact design, overall. I do believe the choices that the authors of this theme have made are going to help increase engagement with your readers.

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Hey, I'm Alex from Los Angeles, a blogger passionate about AI and video processing. I have a degree in Computer Science from UCLA and currently blog about the latest AI-powered video processing techniques and technologies. I love traveling, fitness and reading about the latest advancements in AI and technology. Join me on my blog to explore the world of AI-powered video processing!

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