What Are the Most Common Types of Website Attacks?

If you look at the most common vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, that list is too long to even begin talking about. So, rather than assuming your website is vulnerable to everything, we need to look at vulnerabilities that are most commonly exploited on WordPress sites.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – This allows attackers to hijack your cookie data and in turn give them access to your admin dashboard.
SQL Injection – A more sophisticated attack that can be exploited to steal user data directly from the database. Furthermore, this attack can be used to alter data (such as changing the password or email).
Bruteforce (Login) – A common type of attack on WordPress sites is when bad actors try to brute-force the password of the admin account. This alone makes it important to use secure passwords!
Outdated Software (Themes & Plugins) – The first two attacks will have a much higher success rate unless you frequently update your WordPress version and that of your plugins and themes.
A lot of these attacks can be circumvented by applying the security tips outlined in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

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