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Personal Blogily is definitely up there with other refined WordPress themes. The boxed layout separated by carefully crafted borders gives a more unique feel to your site. And, with the addition of custom widgets like About Me – you can go ahead and make a strong impression of what your personal blog is all about.

I think this theme also does a great job of highlighting the use of simplicity. If your only goal is to share stories, it goes a long way to ensure they’re easy to read and navigate. In this theme, you can make a strong first impression by adding your personal logo at the top of the page. And, also by adding navigation links that link to your categories and other important pages.

Blog Author at AI Apps

Hey, I'm Alex from Los Angeles, a blogger passionate about AI and video processing. I have a degree in Computer Science from UCLA and currently blog about the latest AI-powered video processing techniques and technologies. I love traveling, fitness and reading about the latest advancements in AI and technology. Join me on my blog to explore the world of AI-powered video processing!

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