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Calling the Patricia Blog theme elegant would be quite an understatement. The way the design flows together from header to footer is as smooth as it can get. And, honestly, you could probably sell this theme, but it is in fact available for free. So, let’s talk about some of the design features.

First is the minimal navigation design. Social links, navigation, and other custom buttons are all included in a single container. This helps you save a lot of design space and put more emphasis on your initial header introduction. In this case, that introduction would be a slider of your featured posts.

After that, you have a nice and flowing grid-style blog presentation, with the addition of a right-hand sidebar. Overall, the theme feels natural. After going through the various pages and examples, at no time did it feel as if something (an element or widget) was out of context. Check it out for yourself below.

The administrator of the AI Apps website. I am responsible for handling all matters pertaining to the technical work of the website, in addition to the advertising.

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