How to Edit Code in WordPress

Even if you don’t understand how to write basic HTML or CSS, learning how to edit code on your WordPress site is an extremely useful skill to learn. You might need this skill whenever you have to add custom scripts, want to remove a design element, or simply wish to change the color of a specific element on your blog.

And, in this article, we are going to cover multiple use cases on how to add or remove code from a WordPress site.

One of the reasons people love WordPress so much is because it requires little to no technical expertise. In fact, with the addition of blocks and full-site editing, website builders, and custom themes – you can go about using WordPress without ever worrying about needing to know how to program.

However, there are those few pesky use cases where you might need to know it. Take for example a custom button design. It’s very rare for WordPress themes to offer the ability to change details of a button element unless you go ahead and do it yourself. And, in this case, the solution would be to use the in-built Customizer feature and add Additional CSS.

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